Love and Loyalty and other stories by Maria Savva


Author, Maria Savva, has won me over! For more years than I care to recall, I have shied away from short stories, saying they are not for me, but now……

A few days ago I finished a collection of short stories entitled “Love and Loyalty” and have to say, I was completely drawn into each and every one of these little gems. Maria Savva is an author who isn’t hemmed in by being able to write in only one genre, so her stories include those with paranormal touches, as well as those dealing with love, friendship, deceit, addiction and many other aspects of the human condition. Her characters are real people, whom we can identify with, who find themselves in situations which many readers will recognise.

I thoroughly enjoyed this selection of stories and will, most certainly, be reading more of Maria Savva’s short stories in the near future.


One thought on “Love and Loyalty and other stories by Maria Savva

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