Don’t Ever Get Old by Daniel Friedman

51fwjkHJB1L“Don’t Ever Get Old”  by Daniel Friedman is a mystery, but not like any other mystery I have read before! All the ingredients for the classic thriller are here: the hunt for a Nazi war criminal, the search for missing gold bullion, murders galore, a number of suspects and an unexpected conclusion.
So, what made this such a different experience? I think this has to be the only mystery thriller that I’ve read with an 88 year old protagonist, who feels dementia creeping up on him, but is still able to track down his man!
Buck Schultz is an old man, who carries a notebook with him to write down things he doesn’t want to forget. Something he hasn’t forgotten though is the treatment he received at the hands of Heinrich Zeigler, an SS guard during the Second World War. Schultz became a police officer after the war and earned a reputation for toughness. After 30+ years of retirement, Buck is feeling that infirmity is catching up with him……until he learns that his old enemy, Zeigler, is still alive. He determines to find this Jew hating Nazi and then…well, the story unfolds into mystery, murder and mayhem.
What I liked about this book is the development of the characters, especially Buck. He is a crude, tough old man, but his two redeeming factors are his sense of humour and his loyalty and love for his wife and grandson. Buck’s view of getting old and modern living provide some very amusing dialogue throughout the book and I think this is what I enjoyed the most about “Don’t Ever Get Old”.

I requested and received this book free from Netgalley.


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