Cemetery Lake: a thriller by Paul Cleave


Paul Cleave, has created an unusual hero – or I should say anti hero – in Private Investigator, Theodore Tate. At the beginning of this fast-paced thriller, Tate has experienced personal tragedy. His daughter has died, following a motor accident, which also left his wife severely brain damaged. No longer in the police force, he uses some of his erstwhile colleagues to help in his work – not always a happy collaboration.

At the start of the novel, Tate is to be found at the exhumation of the body of a man, who died a couple of years before. However, his attention is soon diverted from the unearthing of the coffin, as bodies begin to rise to the surface of Cemetery Lake. It is soon obvious that all is not as it should be in this cemetery in Christchurch, New Zealand.

What follows is a plethora of bodies, intrigue, murder and other violence! We also see the deterioration of Tate’s life as he uncovers more clues as to the perpetrator of the murders. Although he has committed some awful crimes himself, Theo Tate is not an unlikeable character and I found this an interesting feature of the novel. Some of the events are a little improbable, but it didn’t bother me particularly, as the pace of the action carried me along. I liked the author’s punchy style, but wished he could have created more of a sense of place. I thought it was set in America at first and was surprised to find its’ setting was New Zealand. However, I would recommend “Cemetery Lake: A Thriller” to anyone who enjoys fast paced thrillers.


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