Haunted by Maria Savva

File created with CoreGraphics          “Haunted” is a well-written, dark novel by Maria Savva. It tells the story of Nigel Price, who ruined his own life, and the lives of several others, by a dreadful act that was fuelled by his uncontrollable anger. When we first meet Nigel, it is twenty years after this fateful event, but through a series of flashbacks, we learn about his early life and how his anger overwhelmed him, with such tragic consequences.

Nigel is remorselessly hounded by his conscience and haunted by what he has done. So much so, that he becomes introverted and withdrawn as the years pass. The novel charts the disintegration of his life – and his mind- until he is not clear what is real. As readers, we are also “in the dark”. Maria Savva feeds us clues, but I was still surprised by the final chapter of the book.

There is much to admire and like admire about “Haunted”: the writing is very good and the plot, well constructed. The characters are developed in an interesting way and the author successfully explores the way trauma can affect the human mind. I also thought the final chapter was excellent.

I wholeheartedly recommend the book to all who enjoy a psychological novel, with a paranormal twist. Author: Maria Savva1418272


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