The Dream by Maria Savva

” The Dream” by Maria Savva is a very good read in my opinion. It tells the story of Lynne, a young woman due to be married to her boyfriend, Adam. After one failed long-term romance, she is hoping that her future will be filled with happiness as Adam’s wife. However, she has had some misgivings for a while – sometimes Adam is very distant – and then the dreams begin.

After these dreams, the story unfolds in an unusual way, as we find out what the dreams mean and the impact that they have on Lynne’s life…..and her future.

This book worked for me on several levels. I loved the paranormal aspect of the novel, but also felt that there was a down-to-earth message within its pages. That message concerns the need for honesty towards oneself and within relationships. So much harm and unhappiness can be caused by lack of self-acceptance and dishonesty about oneself, clearly illustrated in Lynne and Adam’s relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by indie author, Maria Savva , and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories about relationships, with an unusual twist.

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