The Star Realm by Julie Elizabeth Powell


Julie Elizabeth Powell again transports her readers to the world created in her novel , “Gone”. This is Avalon and the Star Realm is just a small part of this wonderful place. Sadly, this world is under threat. As greed and selfish materialism infiltrate and corrupt the good in our human world, the balance in Avalon is being upset as evil forces work to overthrow order. What is required, in Ezrin the Timekeeper’s opinion, is the intervention of humankind. He chooses five children – Davie, Ben, Billy, Chrissie and Anne. Their tasks will be to find the vital Elements that must be restored to their rightful place with the king and also to find the kidnapped princess.

“The Star Realm” is an epic tale, full of adventure, suspense and courage. The children meet some amazing characters – some scary, others amusing – as they race against time to fulfil their quest.

This is a magical book. The author is so adept at creating wonderful pictures in the mind; I love her descriptions of the places the children visited. I liked the development of the children’s characters as they faced and dealt with the situations in which they found themselves. I also felt that Julie Elizabeth Powell strongly promoted the importance of truth, wisdom and courage in the pages of her novel, as well as showing her readers just how much can be achieved by working in unity, as a team.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading  “The Star Realm” and look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy. Although aimed at older children, I think this will appeal to many lovers of fantasy, whatever their age.

17317209    The Trilogy: The Star Realm, Invasion and Secrets of the Ice.


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