Dystopian Literature

Today, I’m posting two reviews of books that can be classed as dystopian literature. This is a genre that I have only recently developed a liking for, having avoided it for years. However, once tasted I find that my appetite for it is growing!. The first review is about a short, recently written piece; the second is for a classic that had been on my bookshelves for many years……why did I leave it so long to read?

Myadar’s Snare by Sophie Martin


” Myadar’s Snare” by Sophia Martin is the first part of a serial, deiselpunk novel named “The City Darkens”. In this instalment, we are introduced to several very interesting characters, including Myadar. She is the wife of Reister, an ambitious courtier, but her life is centred around running their country estate and bringing up their five year old son, Bersi. Soon after Myadar’s mother-in-law arrives to take her daughter-in-law and grandson back to the city, feelings of apprehension begin to arise. They have been summoned by Reister to attend the coronation of the new rulers, but there appear to be doubts about the suitability of Myadar’s appearance and also her attachment to her young child.

One becomes aware fairly quickly, that this is not a world that is altogether familiar to us. The 1920 style clothing worn by many of the women in the city is recognisable, as are the cars. However, this is a world where robots act as servants and the religious system is highly influential. Myadar finds herself having to navigate unknown, dangerous waters, without help from anyone.

This was an intriguing, beautifully written instalment. Sophia Martin has created a fascinating world, which she brings alive with vivid description. I felt empathy for Myadar from the beginning and was completely drawn into her story. So much so, in fact, that I intend to read the whole book as soon as I can. Excellent!


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