Unseen:Will Trent#7 by Karin Slaughter

Before I begin my review of “Unseen” by Karin Slaughter, I have an admission to make. I have only read one book by this author and that was a number of years ago. However, I do remember enjoying that gritty crime thriller and thought I’d see what her latest offering was like.

I’m pleased to say that it didn’t really matter that most of the characters were totally unknown to me; although many of them obviously had history, enough became clear very quickly for me to be able to judge the status of the relationships.

In this story, Will Trent is working undercover. During the course of the investigation he is working on, he comes across some thoroughly wicked people who commit the most horrendous crimes. As well as dealing with the pitfalls and perils of his work, his private life is also fraught with difficulties, as he has kept the details secret from his girlfriend, Sara Linton. Throw into the mix the hard talking, hard fighting detective Lena Adams and the plot is ready to explode.


English: Karin Slaughter at a reading in Ahlen...

English: Karin Slaughter at a reading in Ahlen, Germany on Sep. 13th 2010

“Unseen” is full of the thrills and perils that I believe are expected from Karin Slaughter. There is murder, drug dealing and corruption. There is a handful of flawed people on the right side of the law and some of the nastiest of nasty villains on the wrong side. On the whole, I enjoyed my return to the world created by Karin Slaughter


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