Bad Blood by Arne Dahl – a Scandinavian crime thriller.


“Bad Blood” is the second in the Intercrime series by Scandinavian crime writer,

Portrait of Jan Arnald (Arne Dahl)

Portrait of Jan Arnald (Arne Dahl) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arne Dahl. In this novel, we meet again the team of police officers featured previously, getting to know a little more of their characters and what “makes them tick”. They are an interesting, flawed and varied set of personalities, who gel into an effective crime- solving force.

Their task this time is to find the American serial killer, nicknamed the Kentucky Killer. This is a particularly unpleasant murderer, who uses pincers which enable his victims to whisper their secrets, but not scream under torture. Several problems arise in the course of apprehending the killer, not least being the fact that evidence suggests he died in a car crash fifteen years previously. However, the recently committed killing of a Swedish literary critic would indicate that the Kentucky Killer is alive and well, having moved from America to Sweden to carry out more dastardly crimes.

The task of finding the murderer before he continues his killing spree is a complex one. The plot twists and turns in many interesting directions, which made me want to keep reading to find the answers. Although I found the last half of the book to be enthralling and almost impossible to put down, I was disappointed with the opening section – apart from the first chapter – which seemed to drag and not hold my interest. I also found that the text did not always flow smoothly, possibly due to the translation. However, I shall certainly read more books by Arne Dahl and would recommend them to those who enjoy gritty, Scandinavian crime writing.


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