The Ways of the World by Robert Goddard

The Ways of the World tells the tale of James “Max” Maxted’s efforts to uncover the truth behind his diplomat father’s death in Paris, during the 1919 peace talks. The city is full of international diplomats discussing what should be the outcome of Germany’s defeat in the First World War, when Sir Henry Maxted falls from a roof and dies. The French police have decided that suicide is the most likely reason for the fall, but Max uncovers certain clues which will not let him rest.

The novel is full of interesting characters, some of whom are not fictitious, but it is the plot which drives the story along. There are many strands to the story of espionage and murder and also, several surprises. It is a long time since I read a novel by Robert Goddard and I had forgotten his skill at authentically creating time and place. The dialogue, the descriptions and the style of writing took me back to the days when I read books by John Buchan! This is a real, old fashioned adventure story, which will please lovers of a good yarn.

The only disappointment I felt was when I realised, a few pages before the end, that it would be impossible to bring the novel to a satisfactory conclusion in these last pages. Then I came across the “To be continued” phrase and all became clear. I do hope there is not too long to wait!

I received this free from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

16246    Robert Goddard, English novelist.


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