Coincidences by Maria Savva

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Maria Savva has been a published author for a number of years now and I have read and enjoyed several of her novels and short stories. I have just finished her very first novel, “Coincidences” and was delighted to say that I liked it as much as her more recent work.

The central character, Alice Turnbull, is a twenty one year old university student when she is overwhelmed with the need to find her father. He last featured in her life nineteen years before, when he decided to leave his wife, Stephanie, and his daughter. Alice is motivated to pursue her search following a series of coincidences which has piqued her curiosity. Her mother is reluctant to help her in her quest to find her father, claiming that he was selfish years ago and probably still is. However, what Alice does not know is that her mother has a secret which may have a life- changing effect on her daughter if it is uncovered. However, Alice is a determined young woman and, although there are many obstacles in her way, she continues with her plan. What she discovers amazes and disturbs her.

This debut novel by Maria Savva is well worth reading. It is beautifully written and bears the hallmark of so much of her work – an insight into people’s motives and actions. The emotions expressed in “Coincidences” are authentic and the characters are very real. I found myself able to empathise with Alice in her roller coaster journey of discovery.


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