Werecat: The Rearing by Andrew J. Peters


Jackson Dowd is an unhappy young man, alienated from his family since he told his parents that he was gay. His life changes completely when he meets Benoit – they have a strong attraction for each other and within a week of meeting, they are lovers. Jacks leaves his university life behind him when he discovers Benoit’s amazing secret. Benoit is a werecat, able to change his shape into that of a panther. To complete their relationship, Benoit turns Jacks; he is then able to transform into a cougar. Their strange and amazing existence continues in New York, but is gradually soured for Jacks by Benoit’s lack of human values and his intense jealousy.

I enjoyed Andrew J. Peters‘ short novella, the first part, I hope, in a series of stories. It is well written with descriptive passages which set the scenes beautifully and the author has developed his characters well. I particularly liked Jacks and Fazan, a young medical student who befriends and helps him. I would like to read more stories featuring these characters.

I would like to thank Andrew J. Peters for sending me his work to review; an enjoyable experience!



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