On the Holloway Road by Andrew Blackman

6024467       “On the Holloway Road” is a road trip novel set in the United Kingdom, but with obvious links to the Jack Kerouac American story. The main characters, Jack and Neil, are both searching for something: Jack, an aspiring writer, for what? Inspiration, acceptance……..? Neil appears to be the opposite of Jack – loud, brash, and confident, in search of adventure. Both want to find some meaning to life and their trip, they hope, will provide the answer to all their questions.

There was so much reality in these two characters – although I could identify more with Jack – his insecurities, and lack of self worth ( me in my 20s ), I have also come across people like Neil. His wild, madcap ideas are very attractive and how easy it is to become caught up in them, as Jack is.

Andrew Blackman is an excellent writer and storyteller. This, his first novel, should not be missed – it is full of insight, great descriptions, thought provoking….all in all, an excellent read!

2756260    Andrew Blackman is a former Wall Street Journal staff writer, now living in London and concentrating on fiction. His latest novel, A Virtual Love, deals with identity in the age of social media, and is out in April 2013. His debut novel On the Holloway Road (Legend Press, 2009) won the Luke Bitmead Writer’s Bursary and was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize.

His articles, essays and stories have also been published in Monthly Review, Post Road, Carillon and Smoke, and in books by Twenty Stories Publishing, Negative Press and Arachne Press, among others. He has a Bachelor’s degree in modern history from Oxford University and a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.


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