The Cheesemaker’s House by Jane Cable


“The Cheesemaker’s House” by Jane Cable, is a haunting love story that spans nearly three centuries. After divorcing her husband, Alice decides to move from Reading to Yorkshire in an attempt to make a fresh start in New Cottage, an 18th century building that had originally been the home of the village cheese maker.

Soon after her arrival in the North East, Alice meets Owen. He is the joint owner of a coffee shop in nearby Northallerton, but lives in the same village as Alice. A strong mutual attraction develops, but their path to a deep relationship is fraught with misunderstanding and difficulty.

Alice becomes increasingly aware that all is not as it seems in New Cottage. There is one particular room which is cold and makes her feel strange; she hears someone weeping throughout several nights, but is unable to find the source. There are a number of episodes when she has glimpses into the past – are these ghosts that she sees?

There are also many unanswered questions about Owen. Alice learns that he is a trained pharmacist, but she wonders why he no longer follows his profession, choosing to help people with the herbs that grow in his grandmother’s garden instead. As their relationship develops, his behaviour becomes increasingly erratic. Eventually, Alice feels that she must find the answers to the mysteries in her life and Owen’s if they are to have a chance together.

There is much to like about “The Cheesemaker’s House”. It is an easy read, well written, with some interesting characters. There is a strong paranormal aspect, which is an integral part of the plot.  On the whole, I’m glad I read the book and I feel sure that it will please many who enjoy gentle paranormal stories.


Jane Cable has been writing for her own amusement all her life, and today freelances as a cricket writer. She also runs her own chartered accountancy and business advisory company. In 2011, when The Cheesemaker’s House became part of the People’s Novelist competition through The Alan Titchmarsh Show, she began taking her writing hobby more seriously.







3 thoughts on “The Cheesemaker’s House by Jane Cable

    1. bookangel2 Post author

      This is the sort of novel that I really enjoy, Jane. I think of them as “timeslip” stories rather than ghost/paranormal. It really is a fantastic debut novel!


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