Two excellent short stories: “Annabelle” and “Alice in Wonderland” by Nancy Christie

Annabelle cover for web

Annabelle, the protagonist in this short story, is a lost, tragic woman. Talking to her psychiatrist, following a complete breakdown, we gradually learn the details of her early life which had led to her present situation.

The only child of an artist and his wife, she had a woefully lonely childhood. Her father’s only thoughts were for his painting – canvas after canvas in which his wife was the subject. Annabelle’s mother would leave everything to pose for her passionate husband; this resulted in an emotionally neglected and lonely child. The emotional toll on Annabelle was great – she longed for her father to notice her, but when he did, the outcome was unimaginable.

This story gripped me from start to finish. It is beautifully written; I felt that not a word was wasted in building a picture of Annabelle’s tragic life. I look forward to reading more by this talented writer.


“Alice in Wonderland” is the second short story that I have read by Nancy Christie.

Alice is a woman of indeterminate age, who is looking after her elderly and infirm mother. Their relationship is anything but loving. Alice’s mother is rude, demanding and belittling, treating her daughter as a slave, while Alice is longing for her mother’s death. Alice feels trapped in the house – her mother makes so many demands upon her time that she feels her own life has ended.

However, Alice does have an escape and that is through the written word.  Many of us seek solace in books; many of us read avidly, “devouring” the written word as if it feeds our very being. Alice dreams of hot, dry places, where she is waited on and all her needs are met; at any opportunity in her busy, mundane day, she will escape to these places. For her, “devouring” the written word has reached another level.

I am full of admiration for Nancy Christie’s writing. In a few short pages, she created characters that I can picture and a story which drew me in, leaving me wanting more.

A big thank you  to Pixel Press for providing me with the opportunity to read these stories pre-publication, in return for my honest reviews.

Nancy Christie:


About this author


My love affair with writing started in my childhood. Books carried me into worlds I never knew existed, and, once I learned how to write, my imagination kept me there. With paper and pen, I could bring people to life who never before existed. With 26 letters, I could create a universe of my own.

As an adult, writing is my way of making a connection with the rest of the world. Fiction, non-fiction, essays and books—they are all the tools with which I shape the land and make my home.

While I make my living writing articles and corporate copy, and am the author of the inspirational book, The Gifts of Change, (Beyond Words Publishing/Atria, my real passion is for fiction.

In addition to my short fiction e-book, Annabelle and the soon-to-be-released Alice in Wonderland (both from Pixel Hall Press), my short stories have been published in literary magazines such as Red Fez, Full of Crow, Fiction365, Wanderings and The Chaffin Journal


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