Urban Fantasy: “Broken Homes” by Ben Aaronovitch.



This, the forth novel in the Peter Grant saga, bears all of the hallmarks of this excellent series.

We have the pleasure of listening to Peter’s witty and often sarcastic remarks as he works his way through the policing, magical and personal problems that beset him at every turn. Many of his thoughts and actions are closely linked with Lesley, who is now in training as an apprentice magician. The enigmatic, wonderful character, Nightingale, at last reveals some of his tremendous power. The dreaded Faceless Man rears his head again, as his dastardly plan to increase his magical power unfolds. Intertwined with these plot lines are some of the familiar characters from previous novels: Toby, the dog; Molly, the odd housekeeper; Zach and the Quiet People; Beverley Brook….to name a few.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Broken Homes“, full of my favourite 3Ms – Murder, Mayhem and Magic. Ben Aaronovitch certainly does not rush us to his finale. There have been several comments in other reviews about lack of pace in the early stages of this tale, but for me this was all part of the pleasure of reading this book. I love the author’s storytelling technique and the last section of the book is well worth waiting for. Prepare to be amazed, book lovers!

I own copies of the first three books in this series – “Rivers of London”, “Moon Over Soho” and “Whispers Under Ground” and will be re-reading all of them, including “Broken Homes” over the next few months. Believe me, there are very few books that I return to, but these have gained a place on the special “Angela’s Favourites” bookshelf!

More please, Mr Aaronovitch!

363130     About the Author:   

Ben Aaronovitch’s career started with a bang writing for Doctor Who, subsided in the middle and then, as is traditional, a third act resurgence with the bestselling Rivers of London series.

Born and raised in London he says that he’ll leave his home when they prise his city out of his cold dead fingers.



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