Remix by Lexi Revellian

“Remix”by Lexi Revellian is a book which covers several genres.

When I started to read, it felt almost like chick lit, but developed into a mystery with romance thrown in for good measure. The main female character, Caz, is a likeable young woman, who restores and makes rocking horses. In fairly improbable circumstances, she meets Ric Kealey, one time member of a rock band.

She becomes embroiled in his attempts to clear his name of a murder that he claims he did not commit. The story moves on quickly and the author introduces us to some interesting characters along the way, all of whom have an important part to play in the unravelling of the mystery surrounding Ric.

“Remix” is an easy to read, fast paced story. The more I think about the book, the more I realize how well crafted it is. The author writes in a seemingly effortless style, with characters and plot lines which keep the pages turning.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants a light, well written and entertaining read!

Lexi Revellian


About this author


“Remix” is my third novel; it’s the story of Caz Tallis, who is startled one quiet Sunday morning to find a stranger asleep on her roof terrace…

I enjoy reading intelligent, pacey books with humour, and that’s what I try to write. I believe it’s a crime to bore the reader.

My day job (using my real name, Lexi Dick) is designing and making jewellery and silver; I’ve made pieces for Lady Thatcher, the Athenaeum and Her Majesty the Queen.


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