Revelation Was Wrong by Mark Rice


Goodreads synopsis:

When a drunken prophet in Scotland’s roughest town predicts a coming Apocalypse, no one takes much notice. After all, not one of the prophet’s previous prognostications has come true. But five days later, events appear to be unfolding exactly as prophesied. A certain tonic wine, which is implicated in the majority of violent crimes committed in Scotland, plays a pivotal role in proceedings, as do two otherworldly visitors.

My opinion:
I really enjoyed “Revelation Was Wrong”. It was a very quick read, but the words “small but beautifully formed” come to mind. Not that this is a beautiful short story, but it is so well crafted.
The dialogue made me laugh out loud, although as an “end of the world” tale, it was pretty gruesome at times. I have another of author, Mark Rice‘s book to read – “Metallic Dreams” – and I have to say, I’m looking forward to the experience!

135694     Mark Rice

About the author ( in his own words):

Born in Glasgow, Scotland. Grew up in the new town of East Kilbride. Began scribbling stories at the age of five. At ten, discovered heavy metal and Douglas Adams. Never looked back. Rumours that he sold his soul to the Devil at a Scottish crossroads in exchange for literary flair may have been exaggerated. Then again, Robert Burns saw Satan in Scotland’s Old Alloway Kirk…


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