What It Takes by Terry Tyler


Terry Tyler’s latest novel, “What It Takes“,  is one of those books which is hard to place securely within a genre. It certainly has romantic elements, but it is also about relationships within families – sibling rivalry, jealousy, misunderstandings. There is mystery within this story and it also deals with the consequences of dishonesty at worst; lack of openness, at best.

The story looks at the lives of three sisters – Ava, Saskia and Karen. Karen harbours a great deal of resentment towards her older sisters; in her eyes, they are more attractive, more successful and more loved than she. Her view of life changes when she meets Danny who falls deeply in love with her. Unfortunately, the path of true love does not run smoothly and after a few months, life becomes very complicated for Karen.

To say more about the plot would spoil the book for others, but I can say that I found the characters to be believable. Although Karen was annoying at times, I empathised with her outlook on life. It isn’t always easy to deal with the complexities of life when you feel insecure about your place in the scheme of things.

I loved the setting of this novel! In fact, the reason I bought my copy was because it is set in North Norfolk and mentions many of the places that I know and love.

“What It Takes” is a well-written novel, which I found difficult to put down. I’m not generally a fan of romance, but with the other themes running throughout, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be reading more of Terry Tyler’s work, that’s a certainty!


I have six novels available as ebooks on Amazon: Contemporary drama/relationship stuff ~ ‘You Wish’ ‘Nobody’s Fault’ ‘The Other Side’ and my new one – just published on September 6th – ‘What It Takes’. My two rock romances are ‘Dream On’ and its sequel,’Full Circle’.

My books are contemporary fiction, mostly of interest to women, but many men have read them too; “Dream On” has more reviews from men than from women, on here. I write about the issues that concern so many today; divorce, infidelity, addiction, obsession with celebrity, stalking, meeting people via social networking sites – “Dream On” also features a TV talent show, and a spot on Jeremy Kyle!

My collection of short stories, ‘Nine Lives’ is now available.  I’m now working on a longer novel, with a historical twist… ‘Kings and Queens’. Hugely excited about this one..!

When I’m not writing I spend a stupid amount of time on here, Twitter and Facebook. I love crime drama series like “24”, “Breaking Bad”, “The Shield” and am a “Game of Thrones” addict – the books as well as the TV series. I love watching films, and anything to do with history (reading, watching, or walking round places like Lindisfarne Priory going ‘wow’). Like going to see bands, too, and general countryside type things.


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