Dirty Business by Julie Elizabeth Powell

I would imagine that this is the last post that I’ll make this year, although there are several books that I’m reading at the moment. None will be finished by December 31st, though, so officially, “Dirty Business” by Julie Elizabeth Powell is my last read of the year!


Julie Elizabeth Powell has to be one of the most adventurous authors that I have come across! She continually pushes past her previous boundaries to produce work in a different genre – so far, I’ve read fantasy, children/young adult fiction, horror, memoir, and now, a gritty murder mystery.

” Dirty Business” tells the story of greed, deceit and murder in the online magazine business. Gavin Bloom and Alex Moore are on the verge of improving their business, using a computer programme developed by Gavin, when a murder takes place that shocks them completely. No one appears to be above suspicion and Inspector Maplin, the office in charge of investigations, has a difficult task ahead of him.

The author also sets another problem for us to solve. Who, exactly, is the woman chained up in a cellar? Why is she there at all? Is her abduction connected with all that is happening with the magazine?

The mixture of believable characters, a plot which twists and turns, and a fast pace made this an enjoyable read for me.


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