Savage Rose by Helle Gade – more wonderful poetry!


In “Savage Rose” , Helle Gade’s third collection of poetry and photographic art, she continues to offer us her innermost thoughts and feelings. There is passion and pain, joy and despair among the pages of this book; there are poems which paint pictures in your mind and others which make you think deeply about life and relationships.

How many of us have, at times, longed to return to the innocence of childhood? “Take me Away” and “Dreamer” portray these longings. Have you ever looked in the mirror and discovered that the “you” reflected back is almost unrecognisable? “Reflection” is a poem to make you think about this.

I loved the poems which painted joyful pictures in my mind – “Idun”, Garden Joys” and “Song of the Whales” are my particular favourites. Other poems that made a deep impression are “My Demon” and “Nightmare” and I was so taken with the power and strength of “Enough”.

Once again, here is another wonderful, varied collection of beautiful poetry and photographs, which I cannot recommend strongly enough.

Bravo, Helle Gade!

Book/Magazine Spotlight – “Savage Rose” by Helle Gade (


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