The Bone Cradle by C.E.Trueman.


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It is no exaggeration to say that “The Bone Cradle”  is a book that you cannot put down. It is a beautifully written story about a ten year old boy named Matt and his encounters with a mysterious and unusual person, by the name of Tobias.

Matt is just an ordinary boy, dealing with his father’s death and a new step father as best he can; then he meets Tobias and we realise that here is a boy who, in many ways, is mature beyond his years.

What I loved about this book is the portrayal of Matt and the way he thinks; he came alive for me in the very first chapter – a real boy. I was struck by the quality of the writing which didn’t disappoint throughout the story.

This book is aimed at older children; with its intriguing themes, well depicted characters and short chapters, I can see it appealing to many who have found reading a chore. Saying that, I think discerning readers of any age will enjoy “The Bone Cradle”.

About the Author: C.E.Trueman

I have been writing creatively since the age of seven, particularly poetry, some of which has been successful in competitions and appeared in various anthologies.

The first poems I had published were in the National Poetry Foundation’s publication Pause – Churchyard Children in 1993 and She Shore in 1994.

I have since gone on to publish others and won or been commended in various competitions, including first prize in the 2005 Winchester Annual Writers’ Conference Poetry competition: Reaching Out sponsored by Penguin Books for Beyond the Sense of Road.

As a child, I invented several children’s storybook characters which I would love to develop as well as compiling my own anthology of poetry.

In January 2007 my first children’s novel The Bone Cradle was published which has been looked at by 20th Century Fox. The sequel Grey Amber has just been published and has been available since January 2010 on both Amazon UK and Amazon US as well as other bookselling websites. The first chapter of this novel won second prize at the 2007 Winchester Writers’ Conference Writing for Children competition. I am planning to write the third and final book in the trilogy shortly.


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