Delusion and Dreams by Maria Savva ……. another excellent selection of short stories.


Hand on heart, I can say with all honesty that “Delusion and Dreams” by Maria Savva is one of the best collections of short stories that I have read so far.

“Delusion and Dreams” contains twelve stories, some of which are linked. The story which gives its’ name to the title of this collection is in four parts, and tells us of the lives of several people who knew each other twenty years previously. At that time, they were in school and then college, but their paths in life had diverged once they stepped into the world of work. The stories are interesting and surprising, looking at life from several different viewpoints, as their paths crossed again, twenty years on.

I also enjoyed the two stories called “Friends and Neighbours”. Both had sinister twists that I had not expected! The other tales in this collection contained humour, tragedy and so much more. There was also a treat of five bonus, previously published stories, which contained all the hallmarks of Maria Savva’s writing – humour, insight and a twist at the end.

If you are a fan of short stories, or if you have never tried them, I would recommend this book to you. The author writes so well, with true insight into human nature. I am sure this collection will entertain, make you think and find you searching out more of this author’s work.


5 thoughts on “Delusion and Dreams by Maria Savva ……. another excellent selection of short stories.

  1. Terry Tyler

    I just read your bio on here (because I clicked on to read the review of Maria’s book!) – I think it’s great that some people appreciate the self-published and take time to review us. Thank you, and long live your blog!

  2. bookangel2 Post author

    Thank YOU, Terry, for your comments. I have read some wonderful books over the past year or so and most are by little known authors. I just wish that I could read at twice my normal speed….so many books!


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