“Strangely, Incredibly Good!” by Heather Grace Stewart


When I heard that Heather Grace Stewart was writing a novel, I was eager to read the result. I have been a fan of her poetry for several years and wondered if I would like her change of genre.

“Strangely, Incredibly Good” is a light, fun read; in fact, the ideal holiday book! With its mixture of magic, romance and reality, there is plenty to keep most readers turning the pages avidly. This short novel introduces us to the character of Cat Glamour. She is in her late 30s and has several problems in her life that she is unable to deal with. Her self-esteem is low, following a tragic incident in her teens and then an abusive marriage. To compensate for her unhappiness and guilty feelings, Cat has over eaten and become very over weight, much to the dismay of her two daughters. Her 91 year old grandmother is supportive, but Cat seems unable to turn her life around until…….

And this is where the fun begins! In a more positive frame of mind, Cat decides to try using a Wii as a means of becoming fitter. Imagine her amazement – and mine, I have to add – when a handsome young man appears from inside the machine and announces that he is a genie who has been trapped in the Wii. He is there to grant her three wishes and Cat is now his “Master”. The rest of the story involves lots more magical events, which eventually set Cat on a different road.

To be absolutely honest, this is not a genre that I would normally choose to read, but I am really glad that I decided to buy this e-book. It was whimsical and fun, with surprising twists and turns. I enjoyed the characters and found it easy to suspend belief for the reading of the story. We can all do with some fantasy in our lives, I think…..and what a delightful thought: a handsome man stepping out of my Wii Fit!

I hope Heather continues to write novels, as well as poetry, as I am now a fan of both!


3 thoughts on ““Strangely, Incredibly Good!” by Heather Grace Stewart

  1. Heather Grace Stewart

    Hello Angela, I’m so pleased you liked my novel, as I know it is a slight departure from my poetry, and not a genre you’d normally read. It sounds like it was the perfect little escape and I am so pleased you took it along on holiday! Thanks for reviewing. I’m hoping there will be more adventures for Cat soon.

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