“Perspectives”….a collection of short stories by Darcia Helle and Maria Savva

“Perspectives” is a collection of twelve short stories, written by Darcia Helle and Maria Savva, each inspired by a photograph taken by Martin David Porter. It is a collaborative effort of the highest order.

The authors were sent six photographs each and these were used to stimulate the imagination. The result is excellent! The stories cover a range of genres and emotions; there is horror, thriller, the paranormal; guilt, poignancy and reality – all are to be found in this gem of a book.

I particularly enjoyed the whimsical “Repercussions” and the twists and turns of “Love and War”. I found “Cold as Ice” to be wonderfully surprising, as was the end of the rather philosophical “A Different Perspective.” The combination of superb photography and accomplished writing has worked so well and I thoroughly recommend this book to all short story lovers.

I was given a copy of the book by Maria Savva in return for my honest review. Thank you for the opportunity, Maria – I have spent a most enjoyable afternoon in the company of “Perspectives”!




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