No Justice: A Michael Sykora Novel by Darcia Helle


Before I read this novel, featuring hit man, Michael Sykora, as the main character, I had only read a few of Darcia Helle’s short stories. I had immediately “taken to” her style of writing and imaginative storylines, but wondered how this would translate to a longer work. Well, let me say, immediately, that “No Justice”, the first in a series, did not disappoint in the slightest!

Michael Sykora, a software designer to most people, is in fact a hit man…..but one with a difference. He only kills very bad people! It seems just a little bit wrong to like a character that kills people, but Michael is both likeable and interesting. His path into the hit-man business was opened up when his fiancée was murdered and his mission appears to be that no really bad guy will escape justice.

This thriller is extremely well-written; Darcia Helle certainly has a wonderful style. Her characters are completely believable, well rounded and memorable. The twists and turns of the plot kept my attention the whole time I was reading – I’m looking forward to reading more Darcia Helle novels in the near future.

A thoroughly recommended read!

About the Author:

Darcia Helle says:

I write because the characters trespassing through my mind leave me no alternative.

Words are my addiction. I love to read; fiction, nonfiction, cereal boxes, ingredient labels. If it has words, I’ll read it.I am originally from Massachusetts and now live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I’m married, with 2 sons, a beautiful new granddaughter, and 5 very spoiled animals.

As well as finding me here, you can also find me on my website and
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