The Winter Boy by Sally Wiener Grotta

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“The Winter Boy” is the second full length novel by the talented writer, Sally Wiener Grotta. We are not told exactly when the story is set, but it is sometime after a cataclysmic event, known as the Great Chaos. Gradually, over a long period of time, the Peace has been established by a group of widows called the Alleshi. The Alleshi work to maintain and extend the Peace by training young men to become their Alemen. The bonds between the Alleshi and their Alemen are very strong, based very much on trust and loyalty.

The two central characters in “The Winter Boy” are a young Allesha called Rishana and her first Boy, a difficult young man, a “problem boy” named Ryl. Rishana is to train Ryl throughout the winter, in a way which will develop his abilities to be beneficial to the Peace. The training takes many forms and…

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