The Faerie Tree by Jane Cable

“The Faerie Tree” is Jane Cable‘s second novel and, I think, in many ways, it is better than “The Cheesemaker’s House”.It is well written and the pace is just right throughout

This book tells the story of Robin and Izzie; of their loves and griefs and how their lives are affected by these two powerful emotions. The story begins with Izzie being recently widowed at the age of 44, left to bring up her teenage daughter, Claire, and continue her work as a teacher. When she bumps into a tramp, she discovers that this is no stranger, but someone she knew many years ago. His name is Robin and it is obvious that this is a person who meant a great deal to Izzie in the past.

The tale unfolds to tell of their earlier relationship and the development of the current one, this time also involving Claire and her teenage traumas. These three characters are well drawn and believable. There are others who play an important part in the plot, especially Jennifer, who takes on the role of a second mother to Robin.

This is not a straightforward love story. There are many times when I questioned what had actually happened and my interest was maintained throughout as answers were gradually revealed. It is also an exploration of the dramatic effect that grief can have on an individual.

I particularly enjoyed the folklore aspect of this novel. The so-called Faerie Tree itself and the way in which Jennifer and Robin celebrated the natural world were a delight to me and were an integral part of this story. I loved the atmosphere that Jane Cable evoked in her descriptions.

If you want something a little different to read and want to try a new author, I would thoroughly recommend Jane Cable’s work

About the author:

7226007  Jane Cable says: Perhaps writing is in my blood. My father, Mercer Simpson, was a poet; my cousin, Roger Hubank, a novelist; Roger’s uncle, John Hampson was also a novelist and fringe member of the Bloomsbury Group. And it’s even rumoured that John Keats is somewhere back there in the family tree.

No wonder that I have always scribbled. But it took me until I was in my forties to complete a full length manuscript. And then another, and another… Writing stories became a compulsive hobby. I could lose myself in my characters, almost live their lives, and I started to long for readers other than my mother and a few close friends to be able to do the same.
It was reaching the final of The Alan Titchmarsh Show’s People’s Novelist competition in 2011 which made me take my writing seriously. The Cheesemaker’s House, a gripping romance-suspense, saw the light of day in September 2013 and I was delighted when it received great reviews from book bloggers and, just as importantly, from the people who bought and read it. My second novel, The Faerie Tree, is due out in March 2015 and is a suspenseful romance about the tricks memory plays.


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