Featherbones by Thomas Brown…..a soon-to-be-released novel by a fine writer.


“Featherbones” is the second of Thomas Brown’s novels that I have read and I think that I enjoyed this more than “Lynnwood”, which I loved. Having made this statement, however, the book is going to be hard to review without telling readers too much about the plot.

Felix, the main character, is a young graduate, living his rather mundane life in Southampton. The highlight of his week is his Friday night drinking binge with his workmate and long-time friend, Michael. All seems fairly commonplace, until an event acts as a trigger for Felix to fall, swoop, descend into unreality.

The novel looks back to Felix’s traumatic childhood – so many events that could lead to an uncertain future for Felix’s mental health. Looking into the past, we meet Felix’s father, his teacher, his very best friend, Harriet and a man who was supposed to be helping Felix overcome his disturbed childhood.

What I love about this novel is that it works on several levels and is open to different interpretations. For me, it is about guilt, repression, sexuality and the need for each of us to know ourselves. It is about acceptance, love and trust.

Thomas Brown writes such beautiful prose;” Featherbones” is worth reading for this alone. However there is much more to appreciate – a fine, thought-provoking novel.

My thanks to NetGalley for providing the book for me to read, in exchange for an honest review.

51vMEQLvYBL The author, signing copies of his first novel, “Lynnwood”.

Thomas Brown is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Southampton, where he is exploring the relationship between horror and the sublime in literature. Literary influences include Friedrich Nietzsche, Poppy Z. Brite and Thomas Ligotti. He writes dark, surreal fiction.

Thomas has written for a number of magazines, websites and independent publishers, including: Almond Press, Dark Edifice Magazine, Dark River Press, FUSSED Magazine, Hampshire View, Horrified Press, Notes from the Underground, Pen of the Damned, Sirens Call Publications, Sparkling Books, The Horror Zine, Thirteen Press, trans lit mag and the University of Southampton’s annual Creative Writing anthologies. In 2010 he won the University of Southampton’s Flash Fiction Competition for his short story, ‘Crowman’. In 2014 he won the annual Almond Press Short Story Competition, ‘Broken Worlds’. He is a proud member of the dark fiction writing group, Pen of the Damned.

Thomas is currently working very hard to promote his writing and is most appreciative of the support he has received to date


3 thoughts on “Featherbones by Thomas Brown…..a soon-to-be-released novel by a fine writer.

  1. Thomas Brown

    Hi Angela – thank you again for this review. I’m really glad you enjoyed the read. The book was released yesterday – I would love if you could share the review on the book’s amazon.co.uk page, too? All the best, T


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