Tales From the Cacao Tree – the 4th book in The Mind’s Eye series


“Tales From the Cacao Tree”  is the fourth collaborative work in the Mind’s Eye series of books and this time, the short stories, poetry and photographs are all following the theme of chocolate.

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful mixture! Ben Ditmars, Helle Gade and Richard Weatherly, a worthy trio of poets, bring their contrasting styles to bear on the theme of chocolate. We are treated to a range of emotions, from the intense, to the poignant and sensuous luxuriousness.

The short story authors, J.Michael Radcliffe, Maria Savva, Darcia Helle and Julie Elizabeth Powell have all show cased their considerable talents in this collection. The three stories by J.Michael Radcliffe are all in the fantasy genre – a delight for lovers of wizards and dragons! Maria Savva writes with her usual insight into human nature, sharing three very different stories, all with chocolate playing a central role. Contributing three stories of a darker and more sinister nature, Darcia Helle takes us deep into the realms of murder and evil deeds. Last, but certainly not least, are Julie Elizabeth Powell’s offerings at this chocolate coated feast. Her talent for using a wide range of genres is evident; we have a murder mystery, a science fiction story and an amusing snapshot of the afterlife.

As always, the poetry and prose are highlighted by the photography. In this collection, Martin David Porter and Helle Gade are joined by Kim Stapf. Their contributions really enhance this collection.

The Mind’s Eye series contains a wonderful collection of work by talented writers and photographers, but I have to say that I think this latest offering is my favourite so far. I am already looking forward to the fifth in the series!



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