Christmas Past: a short story by Julie Elizabeth Powell


Julie Elizabeth Powell has an admirable talent for writing. Her works include novels, memoir, poetry and short stories, covering a wide range of genres.

This particular piece, Christmas Past, is a short story, set many years in the future. According to the Law of the New Earth, curiosity was considered to be dangerous and it had, on the whole, been bred out of the population. However, this dangerous attribute that had once been such a driving force for humanity, seems to have escaped extinction.

Thomat and Draven are determined to find out the secrets that have been hidden from them by the Elders. In their search, they discover an archive full of details about Christmas and its associated traditions. Their eyes are opened to the possibility of life that can be lived in a new and meaningful way.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. The messages contained within it are thought provoking and so relevant to the world we live in.



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