More Than This by Patrick Ness


This is a review that I wrote in July,2015, after my first Patrick Ness experience!


Seth is drowning. He struggles to survive, but the ocean is too powerful for him and he is dashed against the rocks. He dies.
When Seth regains consciousness, lying half naked on a concrete pathway, he is utterly confused. In a weakened state, he manages to rise and look around him. There is something vaguely familiar about the derelict street in which he finds himself. But what is it? Where is it? How can this be?
Layer upon layer of this fantastical story is laid back to reveal what has really happened to Seth…..or does it?

“More Than This”is an amazing Young Adult story by Patrick Ness. I had not read anything by this author, so had no idea what to expect. What I found was imaginative, wonderful writing, a real page-turner. The story raised many questions for the reader, not only about what exactly was happening in Seth’s life, but also about life itself. Even at my age – a grandmother and in my mid sixties – I found myself thinking deeply about some of the points raised by the author.

This is a novel which looks at the meaning of our lives; friendship; love; guilt; betrayal; the need to know ourselves. These themes were faced by the characters in the book and also presented to us, the readers to think about and to look at their impact on our own lives.

Although I realise that this genre is not for everyone, I think “More Than This” is well worth reading. I shall certainly be looking for more of Patrick Ness’s work in which to lose myself


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