The Ticket by Heather Grace Stewart


There are some books that arrive in your hands at exactly the right time; “The Ticket” by Heather Grace Stewart is one of those books. When my copy arrived last week, I was in need of a warm, feel-good read with a touch of romance and my needs were amply met by this story.
Lawyer, Allie James, and news anchor, Pete McCarney meet when he is looking for someone to share an amazing holiday with him after he has been let down badly by his girlfriend, also named Allie James.  He has already interviewed more than twenty women of the same name, when he meets  Lawyer Allie and decides that she is the one to share the trip.
Both Allie and Pete set out on their adventure with a certain amount of trepidation. Their whirlwind journey is full of excitement, highs and lows  and more than a touch of romance.
I have deliberately not said much about the plot, as I would not want to spoil the book for anyone. However, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed “The Ticket”. The characters came to life and I loved following  the development of their relationship. I liked the way the author looked at the situation from both points of view; for me, the “dual narrator” added to the humour and depth of the story.
Thank you, Heather Grace Stewart, for writing a book which is fun and engaging – just the right thing for a bleak winter’s day – or a day in the middle of summer, for that matter.


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