“Lost and Found”: short stories by Mara Savva

“Lost and Found” is Maria Savva‘s latest collection of short stories and it was certainly worth waiting for.  As always, when reading collections by this author, I didn’t want the stories to end – Maria Savva is a consummate story teller and I love her work. The mark of a good story teller in my opinion, is if, as a reader, I can identify with the characters. I experienced so many emotions when I read these well-written stories.

This selection encompasses many of the conditions that make us human: love, hate, jealousy, betrayal, compassion. All of the characters, even those playing minor roles, are finely drawn and believable.

I particularly enjoyed the first story, “A Different World” – a sensitive and compassionate snapshot of a trainee lawyer’s life. “Boomerang” is a powerful story which looked at the difficulties of being a single mother, when contending with post natal depression. The return of the child’s father appears to be a blessing……or is it? I laughed at the conclusions to both “Office Gossip” and “Birthday Boy”!

For those of you who enjoy short stories, or maybe haven’t touched on this genre yet, I can thoroughly recommend “Lost and Found”.


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