Katherine Carlyle



This is the first Rupert Thomson novel that I have read and it will not be the last!At 19, Katherine Carlyle is overwhelmed with the need to discover herself. To do so, she leaves the world that she knows behind. She abandons her home and friends in Rome; she turns her back on a place at Oxford University and embarks on a journey which will take her far north, to the Arctic Circle.

Her relationship with her parents is at the core of her need for self discovery. Her dearly – loved mother has died, her father is rarely home and although he provides generously for his daughter’s material needs, she feels that he does not love her enough.

On her journey northward through Europe, she meets some interesting people, many of whom help her, but she leaves them behind. Eventually, she feels she has found the place where she needs to be.

During her travels, she has an increasing number of dreams and daydreams about her father. The question is, do they help her to resolve her feelings about him? I would like to think so.

This novel seems to have received many mixed reviews, but I have to say that I found it hard to put down. I enjoyed Rupert Thompson’s style of writing, which I found to be atmospheric. I particularly liked the “dream sequences”, feeling they were part of Katherine’s journey.


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