The Spider by Maria Savva


“The Spider”, latest novel by Maria Savva, has to be one of my favourites by this talented author. I have enjoyed all of her work – novels and short stories – but this one , with its blend of paranormal horror and normality is a real page turner.


George, Roisin and their little boy, Robbie, seem to be living “the normal life”, until a meeting with the handsome next door neighbour, Hugh, threatens the solidity of their marriage. George, at the same time, has heard stories of strange happenings in a supposedly unoccupied house in another part of the town where he lives. He and his close friend, Glen, decide to investigate the rumours that people who have entered the house recently have not been seen again. This escapade unleashes all sorts of horror and speeds the unravelling of several relationships.The author successfully entwines the plot lines until a satisfying conclusion is reached.

“The Spider” is full of suspense and chills, but it also delves into the real life problems of infidelity, distrust and loneliness. All in all, a well written and entertaining novel!


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