Caged: New and Selected Poems by Heather Grace Stewart.


Heather Grace Stewart‘s latest anthology, “Caged; New and Selected Poems”, is a delight. This talented poet, novelist and photographer has compiled a book which will touch the hearts of many.

As a poet, Heather Grace Stewart seems to be able to take any situation and see deep into its heart. Her work reflects the thoughts and feelings of many of us concerning love for partner and children, loss, the environment, the state of the world in which we all live. In a few lines, she is able to capture a moment, pose thought-provoking questions or urge us to live “in the now”.

I find it difficult to choose favourite poems from this collection , but I particularly liked “Caged”, inspired by the beautiful tiger on the cover of this book. The three Christmas poems, “This Christmas”, “Carry Us, Christmas” and “Christmas Prayer” are apt reminders that the season is not just about partying and busy-ness. I love the poems and short pieces of poetic prose which are about childhood. Some poems are commentaries on how technology has encroached on our ability to truly see the world and the reality of our existence. Others urge us to be ourselves in a world that wishes to mould us. What I appreciate about Heather Grace Stewart’s poetry is that she writes from the heart, with love, humour and compassion.

This is a beautifully presented anthology, the poetry and poetic prose interspersed with photographs that inspire. This is a book to treasure; so much within to enjoy and appreciate.


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