The Faerie Tree by Jane Cable

First posted two years ago, but worth re-blogging. Another of Jane Cable’s very good novels.

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“The Faerie Tree” is Jane Cable‘s second novel and, I think, in many ways, it is better than “The Cheesemaker’s House”.It is well written and the pace is just right throughout

This book tells the story of Robin and Izzie; of their loves and griefs and how their lives are affected by these two powerful emotions. The story begins with Izzie being recently widowed at the age of 44, left to bring up her teenage daughter, Claire, and continue her work as a teacher. When she bumps into a tramp, she discovers that this is no stranger, but someone she knew many years ago. His name is Robin and it is obvious that this is a person who meant a great deal to Izzie in the past.

The tale unfolds to tell of their earlier relationship and the development of the current one, this time also involving Claire and…

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