A few years ag I would never have imagined that I would be writing a blog. In fact, I hardly knew what a blog was! It was a mere twelve years ago that I set up my email address and became familiar with the delights of the internet – now, here we are and I’m writing an introduction to me and my blog, Fantastic Books.

I have always been a reader of all types of books. When I was younger, historical fiction was my genre of choice, but as the years have passed and circumstances changed, my reading choices have broadened. The classics of my pre-family years changed to the easy-reading of Catherine Cookson and Jilly Cooper when my four children came along; now that they have grown and have children of their own, the world is my oyster as far as reading is concerned.

For many years, I was a teacher, first of teenagers, then Infant age children. During this time, I was lucky enough to teach English – this was largely before the Literacy Strategy was introduced in this country (England). I really was lucky, because it meant that I could plan and deliver my lessons without outside interference; for me, this meant that the majority of my lessons were literature based. What pleasure it gave me when, several years ago, an old pupil commented that my lessons had set her on a reading journey that was still continuing. I hope that my teaching instilled a love of books in many others, too.

Since retirement nearly eight years ago, I’ve been able to read even more and have begun to review many of the books I read. So, I thought, how about trying out this blogging thing? Maybe I can still interest others in the joy reading by sharing some of the wonderful books that I’ve come across.

Happy Reading to one and all!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Julie Houston

    Hi Angela,
    Apologies if this reply box is just for replies to your past reviews.( I’m not the most technical person in the world!!)
    As a former teacher, I’m hoping you might be interested in my recently published book, “Goodness, Grace and Me”. I found your email address in the Amazon Top reviewers list. Don’t panic!! I’m not asking you to review my book but, instead, hoping you might like to receive a free copy?
    My name is Julie Houston and my debut novel, “Goodness, Grace and Me” was published several weeks ago. It is a Women’s Contemporary Fiction/Romantic Comedy about a junior school teacher who has to return to teaching (something she was never very good at!) when her husband’s company goes under in the present recession. It has already received almost fifty 5* reviews. My agent and I are just conducting a little experiment to see if potential readers can be reached through email. If this is an intrusion into your privacy and on your time then please delete straight away, but if you would like to download a free copy then that would be brilliant!
    If you would like to go ahead, just email me straight back and I’ll email you an amazon gift voucher. Once that has been done just follow the link to Amazon UK Kindle store and download to any kindle, ipad, iphone or tablet:
    You can find out more about me on my website:
    Kind regards,
    Julie Houston

  2. howl69

    I too had a wonderful English teacher who inspired me to not only read all sorts of books but to write.
    She gave me my love of Shakespeare and the classics. If only all teachers were as inspirational. X

  3. bookangel2 Post author

    Thank you for your comment, Julie. I have many fond memories of my teaching career – before it became weighed down by initiatives and pretty pointless paperwork!


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