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The Huntress with Helle Gade

I love this poem by two talented poets, Helle Gade and Ben Ditmars.

The Midnight Writer

25036039995_8a45dbb50f_z Image Source: Flickr

Blue hearts hum

With ceiling fans

Free as coils

Burning casually

On unsocked feet

The huntress comes at night

Her silent voice

Carried by the northern wind

Listen carefully

For she whispers

The secrets of the dark

She hunts the truth

The fears you harbour

She will alleviate

For she is all there stands

Between you and the evil

That hunts in the dark hours

Winter is approaching

With thunderous steps

Gale winds of cold fury

Following from the frosty

North It is time to go to ground

To cover up and wait longingly

For spring to chase away

The harsh breath of frost

I wish I could hibernate

Like a grizzly bear

Awake to budding flowers

And the promise of light

I fear an icy wind, and collapsing through the narrow skin –

Perhaps it is possible to bloom below subzero or survive in stasis


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#FavFive ~ Jane Cable #AnotherYou @JaneCable ~ @EndeavourPress

An interview with Jane Cable – one of my favourite authors. Thank you Jane and Kelly.

Love Books Group

About Another You By Jane Cable

519FT0P+w1LSometimes the hardest person to save is yourself…

Marie Johnson is trapped by her job as a chef in a Dorset pub and by her increasingly poisonous marriage to its landlord.

Worn down by his string of affairs she has no self-confidence, no self-respect and the only thing that keeps her going is watching her son, Jude, turn into a talented artist.

But the 60th anniversary of a D-Day exercise triggers chance meetings which prove unlikely catalysts for change.

First, there’s Corbin, the American soldier who she runs into as she’s walking on the cliffs. He is charming and has a quaintness about him, calling her an ‘English rose’.

Then there’s George the war veteran, who comes to dine at the pub, and his son Mark. George fascinates Marie with his first-hand accounts of the war, whilst Mark proves helpful in making sense of…

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It Never Goes Away.

This is a must-read. My review of “Caged” will follow shortly.

Heather Grace Stewart

I’ve been so excited this past week, I can barely eat, sleep, or —now this isn’t normal for me —write!  I know it’s because I’m artistically exhausted. I just completed the long and arduous task of putting together an anthology of poems titled Caged: New and Selected Poems.

Don’t get me wrong – the task was not without joy! It’s a unique arrangement of photographs and new and selected poems published over the last 25 years of my career, and it was created with the help of an amazing team, including editor Jennifer Bogart and book and cover designer Jo Clendening. Writing, taking the photos and even putting this anthology together—that was the fun part. Now comes the challenging part: getting it out there into the hands and hearts of poetry readers around the world.

It never goes away: that nervousness in the pit of your stomach the week before…

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People Are Strange

“People are Strange” is the fifth in the series, “Mind’s Eye”, and follows the same excellent format as the others: a selection of short stories and poems inspired by some amazing photographs. In this volume, the theme is “strangeness”, which has allowed the authors and poets a chance to follow their imaginations into some weird and amazing places.
I have to say, that in all honesty, I enjoyed all of the pieces in this book. Some of the stories are spooky, some are fantasy; others are science fiction, while one or two are chilling. As well as some of my favourite authors and poets, this collection introduced me to the work of Thomma Lyn Grindstaff and the fiction of Maria Haskins.
Yet again, I can recommend this well-written, engrossing collection to all who enjoy short stories and poetry of high quality. The Mind’s Eye series is well worth a place on any bookshelf!

The Dream by Maria Savva

Fantastic Books ...and other interesting reads!

” The Dream” by Maria Savva is a very good read in my opinion. It tells the story of Lynne, a young woman due to be married to her boyfriend, Adam. After one failed long-term romance, she is hoping that her future will be filled with happiness as Adam’s wife. However, she has had some misgivings for a while – sometimes Adam is very distant – and then the dreams begin.

After these dreams, the story unfolds in an unusual way, as we find out what the dreams mean and the impact that they have on Lynne’s life…..and her future.

This book worked for me on several levels. I loved the paranormal aspect of the novel, but also felt that there was a down-to-earth message within its pages. That message concerns the need for honesty towards oneself and within relationships. So much harm and unhappiness can be caused by lack…

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