Review policy

Many of the books that appear in my blog are books that I own and love, or that I have been sent to review by NetGalley. On occasion, books have been sent by authors or publishing houses.

I try to review as many books as I can, but will only post reviews of books that I have finished. If, after reading roughly 100 pages, I feel that the book is not for me, I will leave it and not post a review. My reviews are an honest reflection of what I think about a book; if I do not like something, I will say so.

I am happy to read and review the following genres:

  • historical fiction
  • contemporary, literary fiction
  • Young Adult
  • children’s fiction
  • short stories
  • mystery and crime
  • poetry
  • work by Indie authors
  • non-fiction, particularly history, education issues, biography, autobiography

I accept both ebooks and hard copies, with a preference for the latter.

I would like to know when the review needs to be published, as one needs to be realistic with timing. I would also appreciate being provided with links that might be useful to post with the review.

My reviews are also to be found on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and I also post on both Amazon uk and

I am hoping to able to increase my reviewing, and as such, would be happy to be contacted –  my email address is: